Hi there, Koen speaking. First of all, let me welcome you to Goeminne-Putmans.be, our main “hub” of our little imperium we’re setting up on the web for our little family. As of now, the empire is small but growing, we have quite a lot of ideas what we can do with this, but we’re going to take it one step at the time. Let me begin with…

A little history

August 2012. Those of you that know Chris know that she had already been planning for our wedding for some time, but nothing was official yet. We decided that it would be a good time to make it official during our little vacation in Italy so that we could start making plans officially now.

Sometime early 2013. During our preparations one of the things that came up was our honeymoon. Not many of you probably know this, but I’ve long been interested in the USA, sometimes even dreaming of perhaps migrating (though that would be another story and would lead us to far from my point right now). So the plan to make a roadtrip through western  USA was taken on for our honeymoon. A lot of planning already went into this, but for the details I’ll refer to our wedding site.

Anyway, somehow we ended up in our travelling agency, but for what we selected it wasn’t possible to have some kind of internet wishlist for our journey. As I’m a bit of a tech geek, already had some experience on the net and so, it came naturally that I would at least try to do this myself. First things first, I needed a domain name. All the good ones were already taken ofcourse (I’d really liked just goeminne with .be or .com or so), so the best compromise we found after a lot of thinking was this one, goeminne-putmans.be. Why not something like huwelijkslijstgoeminne.be or so? Well, because I already had more plans for our little domain than just our honeymoon wishlist 🙂

The present

My first concern was our wedding site, to get that one up and running as fast as possible. Now that we have that one out of our way, next up the list is our imperium portal (the same actual site you are reading right now), to get it in some kind of shape, tinker a bit with it, and to gather all our stuff we have on the web so far. The next project then will be our renovation blog (as most of you already know, I’m a real DIY’er and I’ve been renovating our home for the last year and a half at the time of writing this page). I’ve just bought a domain name for it, next up there is setting up WordPress, installing some plugins and writing my first post!

The list

That’s it for now, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask them!



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